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It was Eid Al Adha few weeks ago. Eid is one of the two major Islamic holidays. On the last Eid, though mom was sick, she was still able to come to the prayers and actually had a great time. We dressed her up and she loved the visitors. This time, she was on her bed, as usual. I told her its Eid and she smiled, which is rare. I was sitting in her room, just staring at her. She looked at me and said, “whats wrong? you  look little down”. I was down, it was Eid and mom has always been the host. She would make her special sweets and breakfast. Our neighbors and family would come over for breakfast. It would just be awesome. Not this time. Tears rolled down my cheek and I looked away from her, so she can’t see me cry, and I said “nothing, I am good”. She said ” I know everything”, tearing up.

I have never written this and I don’t really know why.But every time I pass by mom’s room, I look at her and check if her diaphragm is moving to make sure she is still breathing. We all do it..


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Eid Mubarak!

I hope you guys enjoyed Mariam’s last post. She is becoming quite a writer, so I have taken a back seat. She has much clearer idea of what goes on in Mummy’s head and of all of us (I, Papa and Mariam) she can interpret what Mummy is trying to communicate best.

Well Eid Mubarak! Yesterday was Eid which literally means Feast and it basically one of the two major religious holiday of Muslims. This Eid is called Eid- Al Fitr which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Muslims go to prayers in the morning, usually followed by as the name suggests lots of eating and meetings and greetings.  You can check out some Eid pictures here on Huffington post.

In one of her earlier posts, Mariam had a wishful thinking that maybe just maybe we would be able to taking Mummy to Eid prayers. Well guess what.. We did! And it was absolutely fantastic.Mummy changed into her fancy dress and loved going out and seeing all these people dressed up, kids running with donuts, girls in colorful clothing, everyone happy. Many of our friends came and met mummy lots of hugs and kisses for her. It was just fabulous. We got back home and Papa made with a lot of effort his signature kabob. They were delicious. We had family over which she always enjoys. Lots of food and laughter in the house. Things were “normal” this Eid.

I moved out of my parents house back in 1997 to go study in New Delhi( India’s capital city) and then moved to Los Angeles in ’99. In 2006, I did Eid with my parents after 9 years in Toronto, CA. That was very special. This Eid was similar to 2006, but had a bitter after taste. Mummy was fine in 2006 or that’s what we thought. Life was easier and Toronto was cold!

Mummy kept saying after everybody had left later in the evening how much fun she had on Eid. But then came the time to sleep. She did not sleep. She was up till 5:30 Am this morning when Papa woke up and took over the charge and I went to catch sleep for couple of hours before work. When I left for work ( a bit late) at 11 Am she had been up for more than 24 hours.  This was after she had taken all her medicine which include quite a bit of sedatives and tranquilizers. Not a good sign and certainly not good for her.

I just talked to her neurologist and it turns out that one of the medicines she took has caffeine in it and she is hyper sensitive to caffeine, even in small amount.  Lets hope that she runs out of her caffeine high from the medicine that she took yesterday morning by the end of today and gets a good night sleep tonight.

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