Sleep medicine

Before Mummy came to the hospital, she would take a nightly sleeping pill to help her sleep, otherwise she’d be up and everyone else would be up too.

When we got to the hospital, we made it clear that she needs this specific medicine called Stresnil every night otherwise sleep would be impossible.

Since the medicine is from India and it is a combination of a few medications combined, the hospital didn’t have it. So Papa had to give the hospital some from his own stash, and they sent it to the lab for testing. The Dr. approved it, and in the ICU they gave it to her every night (crushed and fed with applesauce).

When they moved her to a normal room night before last, it was not given to her (I didn’t know that at the time). No wonder her first night out of ICU was complete hell for both her and me. She would wake up every 2 hours between 1 am and 6 am, and then after that she didn’t sleep, for the rest of my shift.

Last night I talked to the nurse about giving her a sleeping pill, since Mummy was angry, freaking out, and not listening. I asked her if it was given to her already and she said no it wasn’t.

Um…hello?! She NEEDS this medication once, sometimes twice, sometimes thrice a day. What do you mean you haven’t given it to her??

The RN was clueless. After questioning her and trying to figure out the stresnil problem, she finally found out that her sleep medication was on the “in case of need” list, not routine daily medicine list. Are you kidding?? It’s as if these people don’t understand her disease at all. I told the nurse that Mummy’s Stresnil needs to be added to her routine medicines, so we’ll get that done today.

After giving Mummy her sleep meds, it took an hour and a half for it to kick in. After that it was smooth sailing. She slept from midnight to 8 am, waking up briefly only twice. She went to sleep after I told her that she shouldn’t talk, she should sleep.

Yesterday for some reason her catheter was ordered to be taken out. Without the catheter, she was holding in her urine and wouldn’t do it in the diaper. She was holding urine in her haider and she was just in a lot of pain because she didn’t know how to urinate. We asked that the Dr. order it back in, and as soon as it was placed in, it filled up right away. Half a liter of urine that she was holding! You can imagine how much pain she was in.

The doctor said a few more days in the hospital, so we’re not sure when she’ll be out. She wants to leave ASAP, she’s fed up with the hospital. We’re trying to calm her down and we’re hoping these few days her health really does improve.

Everyone at home has major bags under their eyes. Even though there’s a lot of us and we do take shifts, this whole process is very draining on everyone. We’re all sleep deprived and caffeine is very much a necessary part of our food chain. But we’re pulling through. Our family is very close knit and taking shifts and helping each other out when we can reduces the stress level immensely.

Keep us in your duas!

  1. #1 by Suraiya Sayed on September 30, 2011 - 5:48 pm

    I pray for your mother-in-law Mariam. Inshallah, with medicines, right hospital attention and the kind and loving family members all will be well with time. Give as much of your time and attention you can. Be close and do keep an active eye on her. Allah will reward you for your kindness.

    Rest during the day, if you can. Keeping an eye on her is the most important thing. So do that.

    Wish all the family strength at this hard time and we are praying for her to have a wonderful recovery of excellent health soon. Keep up your smiles and let her know you are there for her and do care for her health and happiness.

    Love Mama

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