Long night ahead

Mummy’s not in the least bit sleepy. Trust me, we’ve tried. Lullabies, head massages, medicine, foot rubs…nothing.

Anis has gone to pick Bhaiya up. Mummy isn’t sleeping nor letting either of us close our eyes. Papa is exhausted and so is Anis. And I’m not gonna lie, I can’t feel my lower back anymore.

Tomorrow Gurhia baji (Anis’s sister) is coming with the kids. Two hours after she lands, Anis’s uncle lands. As hectic as the pick-up/drop might be, the thought of shifts and turns is helping take some weight off our shoulders.

Tonight is going to be rough. Tomorrow, probably the same. Caffeine is going to be our buddy the next few days, but we’ll work through it.

Mummy is WAY better now than she was this morning or last night. It was a close one. If we didn’t make the decision to call 911….I’m not sure what would have happened….

Her blood pressure is still an issue, but it’s climbing up at a snail-crawl pace. When we came, it was 70/40. It’s now fluctuating between 80/35 and 90/40.

Still got a ways to go, but we’ll get there, inshaa’Allah.

Duas, people!

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