We waited a while for an ICU room. Mummy’s been fed with fluid only because she had become severely dehydrated. She now has slightly more energy, and the effect of not eating her calming medicines is now apparent. She is completely apprehensive, anxious, and worried.

The ICU nurses informed us that they would need us to sit in the waiting room while they get her assembled in her ICU room.

Papa and I are sitting in the waiting room, trying not to think about how much Mummy is freaking out without us right now. We tried explaining to the nurses that her anxiety levels were extremely high and it was important that at least one of us was present with her. To no avail.

Papa’s and my anxiety level is through the roof right now. The wait is just killing us. As soon as we are allowed in, it is going to be “calming Mummy down” mode. She will complain of pain everywhere, express her anger at being brought here, and ask us where random people in her family are and why they’re not here.

I just hope our minds are not getting away with us, and it turns out that she’s fine.

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