Moms blood pressure has been low since list night. This morning when we checked, it was 70 over 40. We called in paramedic and took her to the nearby hospital emergency room.
She is stable right now but her bp is still low. We are right now waiting on her bed in icu. Mom is up and talking. She is asking about Mariam a lot who is running some errands.  I asked her if she likes Mariam. The answer was yes, she is nice. I like her a lot. So I asked her if I should marry her. The answer was yes you should. Then she said isn’t she your sister? I said no Gurhia is my sister, mariam is my wife. I asked her who is Gurhia? She is my daughter, was the reply. I asked who is Asfu? Oh she is my daughter too.

She said then… How we have moved away..


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