Wheel Chair

Mom’s movements have become much more limited now. It hard for her to walk to the bathroom and for her legs to support her weight. This is another new symptom.

When mom used to teach at her university, she was also heavily involved in the administration of the college. She would visit the government offices, dealing with salary structures, admissions etc. Her college and most of these offices were not on the major street which meant she walked, more than couple of miles a day easily for almost as far as I can remember. It’s about 20 steps to the bathroom from the couch in living room where she likes to sit  all day. She can’t walk that now.

We are still getting used to the wheel chair. It was a tiring trial when Mariam and Papa took Mom for her MRI. Mariam called me after coming back home from MRI and yelled all about the problem she and Papa had and how they both argued on how to handle the wheel chair. After couple of minutes of shouting , she said “ok I am done.. bye”. I called few minutes later to see how things were at home and seemed everything was status quo.

Its status quo now, not normal.


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