Mummy’s new wheels

Mummy now has a wheelchair. Going outside the house without her in a wheelchair is not possible for her anymore.

Yesterday Mummy had to get an MRI done of her brain. It was way overdue. Especially considering get health has taken a downturn recently. We weren’t sure if she’s had a stroke or not, and it needed to be done.

Only problem was Anis couldn’t come with us, he was our Mummy-carrier if Mummy fell. Papa and I were on our own today.

Getting used to maneuvering the wheelchair with 125 pounds in it wasn’t easy, especially going up the ramp infront of our house (the one Mummy fell face forward on). I thought I was going to roll backwards with the wheelchair. Gravity wasn’t exactly being helpful.

Getting Mummy into the car was different than it was before. Before, Mummy could follow directions. “Mummy, leg inside first.” And she would put her leg inside. This time “Mummy leg inside first.”

Blank stare.

“Mummy? Leg inside.”


We physically had to lift her leg, put it in, and sit her down.

She is now unable to follow or even understand directions we give her.

The drive to the clinic was uneventful. Mummy was just scared of U-turns and any speed above 60 mph.

When we got there, we realized we didn’t have a disabled parking decal, so we couldn’t park there, so we had to find a parking spot with an empty space next to it, for the wheelchair. Thankfully we found 2 empty spots right infront of the door.

Going into the MRI, Papa was with her while I held all their metal stuff. Again, Mummy couldn’t follow directions, so Papa had to physically maneuver her to sit on the MRI bench.

Twenty minutes later, Mummy was dizzy and tired. We got her back in the car, and headed for home.

Going down the ramp was easier. We faced her backwards so that she wouldn’t roll down, and Papa had the front of the wheelchair while I had the back. Slowly we rolled the chair down.

We’re still getting used to getting the chair lifted up onto an edge or a small step. We’ll perfect it with time.

Throughout the day, Mummy kept talking about her trip in her gibberish, broken sentences. It was an event in an otherwise monotonous routine.

We have to wait for the results of the MRI. Papa got a glimpse of it after it was done, and said her brain was literally dying. I looked and saw some open spaces in her brain scan. Papa said those were gaps in her brain. He was speechless for a while after seeing that.

As much as we see this disease day in and day out, any new medical report or information still leaves us surprised. You’d think we would be used to it now, but we’re really not.

I think because this keeps progressing further and gets worse, we don’t have time to get used to one level, before she gets worse and we have to grow used to that new level of her disease. It has almost become routine.

First shock, disbelief, sadness, and tears that she now can’t do this or this has started happening. Then we figure out how to manage it, then grow comfortable with our routine, then bam! Cycle starts over. Something new starts.

She has gotten considerably worse. We’re not sure what the next steps are, how this will play out.

We just have to keep strong, and be confident that whatever it is, we can handle it.

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