Caffeine sensitivities!

We made a mistake. We gave Mummy a headache medicine that had caffeine. Boy did we pay for it.

Mummy didn’t sleep for 36 hours straight. Even if she was sleepy, she would force herself to be up.

She barely had more than a 5 minute nap that day. Night time was a nightmare for Papa and Anis. Anis slept in their room because he knew Mummy would keep Papa up. Papa and Anis took shifts because Anis had work the next day. Anis took over from midnight until 5 am, then Papa took over at 5 am so that Anis could get 5 hours of sleep before work.

Throughout the day, Mummy didn’t sleep. She was tired, but her eyes were wide open. She was getting irritated because each of us kept telling her to go to sleep. She’d been up for 24 hours, and she didn’t even show a sign of fatigue.

Naturally, we were worried. The more she deprives her brain of sleep, the faster her mental deterioration will proceed.

We gave her dinner at 7 30 pm. By this time, she had been up for 36 hours straight, with a few catnaps here and there to sustain her. It was starting to show. Her eyelids were drooping, she was “slower,” doing things in slow motion.

Bhaiya (her elder son, Ponu) fed her dinner while she was 90% asleep. Finally, she got into bed, and slept continuously, without getting up to go to the bathroom even once, until 7:30 the next morning.

And so ended her streak of insomnia. Every night since then, our worry is whether or not she will sleep well. If her sleep cycle is messed up, everyone’s sleep cycle is messed up.

Lesson to be learned: Never, ever, give Mummy caffeine.

Boy, did we learn that the hard way.


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