Mummy’s first dinner out!

‘Twas the night before Eid,
And all through the house,
Dinner was being debated over,
Eat in or eat out?

Home cooked meal,
or Mas Chinese Islamic?
If we all go,
Will Mummy panic?

“Let’s just try,”
“She’s been in a good mood”
Let’s get ready to go,
And get us some good food.

So along we all went,
And sat down to eat,
While Mummy asked,
“where do I put my feet?”

Chow mein and shrimp,
Corn soup and chicken,
Mummy ate her fill,

Mummy liked it a lot,
She ate till it hurt’d,
“I want more!”
She impulsively blurted.

“You’ve eaten enough,”
“Don’t worry, you’re done”
We told her as she
Wanted to have more fun.

Soon after we left,
Headed for our humble abode,
She said her tummy hurt,
Must have been her plate’s load.

‘Twas the morning of Eid,
Here arrived the Big Day,
Mummy put on her finest,
To join her community and pray.

She was excited to see,
Such a vibrant crowd,
It didn’t bother her in the least,
That the baby next to her was loud.

When prayer was over,
We piled in the car to go back,
Feeling hopeful once more….
That she was on the right track.

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