Blessings in disguise

This week is all doctor stuff. Yesterday we took mummy to a Dr. family friend of ours. He asked her a few questions like where do you live (she answered Patna), how many kids do you have (she didn’t know), what are your kids names (didn’t know either). The Dr. said her dementia is extremely advanced, and referred us to a neurologist, who we met today.

Anis wasn’t able to be there today, so it was just Mummy, Papa, and me. Mummy wasn’t bad at all. It seems like her anxiety for going out has disappeared, and she’s always willing to go for a drive or a walk. This is such a big change from, say, one month back, when the idea of her getting into a car and going somewhere was enough to give her a complete anxiety attack. Now, there’s talk going around our house of maybe even attending an event at the masjid, or even, dare we say it, Eid Prayer. A month back, we weren’t even thinking about taking her out, let alone talking about the logistics of an outing. Alhamdulilah. These small miracles really, really, REALLY help.

The neurologist asked her a few questions as well. Name some vegetables (she couldn’t do it), name some fruit (couldn’t do that one either). He asked her birthday, birth year, where she was born. No clue. He concluded the same thing. Her disease is very advanced, and her answers (or lack thereof) were consistent with Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients’.

Papa and the neurologist talked about the finer details of her medications, then we left.

One thing that our family friend Dr. helped us out IMMENSELY with (may Allah give him the highest level of Jannah for how much helps us) is he has a social worker right in his office. So she was able to give Anis directions as to what forms to fill, what direction to take, in terms of getting government assistance. Upto this point, we’ve been sort of lost in the dark about trying to get government assistance. With all the red-tape, bazillion different departments and confusing procedures, it’s taken us a while to figure out EXACTLY who to go to and how to get what. The social worker has provided us with some useful steps, which Anis and I will put our brains together to follow through on them as soon as we can, inshaa’Allah.

Even though we individually sometimes get overwhelmed with the weight on our shoulders, it really reassures us and gives us some peace of mind when we have people like our doctors guiding us, advising us, and being there to help us. These blessings in disguise have helped revitalize us, and really made us feel like we CAN do this and manage this disease. Perhaps not cure it, but manage it. And to us, that’s huge.

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