I am so Happy!

What a day! I just called Lalitanshu Aunty and Mom talked to her after ages! Aunty has recovered much from her own infections and medical problems. She sounded great and was super happy to have talked to mom. Mom, haah! she was just ecstatic!;” I am so happy” , her words. She cannot get over her happiness and a big smile. Alhamdolillah!  Her best friend, it’s an amazingly cute thing to watch. My grandfather, nana abba,  mom’s father had his childhood friend whom he still visited almost to the end of his life. Nana abba was in his 80’s when he passed away. Imagine being friends with someone for decades and still be in close touch.

Mom has  been in rather great mood since Ramadan started and it has been easy to handle. She wants to go out for walks, go for drives, gets involved in talks, sits in the living room with us instead of just sitting in her room or sleeping. Well she has been sleeping  a lot more now, and maybe that is the reason why she is more relaxed. Her appetite is good.  Basically its been good past few days.

Yesterday, while I was feeding her, she said ” You take care of me the most, May Allah bless you”. You don’t need much after this. Its all good from now on. Though I must say that Dad and Mariam deal with her a lot more than I do mostly because I am at work most of the day.

She randomly said to dad ” Now I will get better Inshallah”.  Inshallah Ameen..

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