I am sitting next to my mom who is lying down after lunch. She had a bowl of  haleem,  which is a complex dish of meat and lentils and all from northern India. She loved it and had quite some for dinner last night and some leftovers for lunch. It’s always great to see her eat something with liking. Usually, she would start eating by saying I can’t eat much and after every bite complain that it’s either not good  enough or she is full. It’s a struggle at times to feed her. It’s funny because she wasn’t a picky eater. Even today her favorite vegetable is bitter melon!

She has been in good mood past few days Alhamdolillah!  But has been sleeping a lot, she has not been up all day today except for breakfast and lunch. Well.. she woke up right now. How about that?  Well anyways, I wanted to mention something new that has started, she has started to talk to herself. I don’t know if it is a symptom of dementia or not. She talks about her college days, sometimes I think she thinks she is in her college and would be seem to be teaching a class, or talking to someone who is not here. I don’t know really, well more stuff to research I guess.

Mom’s best friend for past thirty odd years has been Lalitanshu Aunty. I have fond memories of her. Mom and her used to teach in the same university and had been very close. Couple of days ago, she said ” I miss Lalitanshu.. We should ask her to come by”. We don’t know where Lalitanshu aunty is, the contact has sorta been broken.

  1. #1 by Suraiya Sayed on August 26, 2011 - 12:31 pm

    Be calm and take it easy. Keep a watchful eye and try to do what she wishes. Walking is a good sign. Exercise and keeps her active so this time is utilized sensibly. This also helps her not worry too much about herself. Sleep is also important but not too much. Activity is the only key and loads of rest.

    May Allah help her and all of you helping her gain her senses and confidence need to practice kindness, positive comments and be there if she needs help. Keep her happy.

    May Allah be there for all of you. Take care and be calm and think of easy and small activities.

    Bye for now. Your Mama

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