Mariam got hit. Extreme anger is part of the psychotic episode mom goes through. She becomes very agitated and behaves in a manner that is not consistent with her “normal” personality.  During this time, she would call names, yell, shout and get so irritated that at times would even hit the person. Now, dad has gone through this many times and gotten hit few times. But it was a first for Mariam. She called me at work, and I told her to stop her hand.

Now this was not a random decision of self defense, the thing is that when a person dominates (not harshly but politely and sternly), she tends to calm down. Because during this events her anxiety level is extremely high and if she is let to dominate because of her yelling and all, it creates chaos which makes the situation way worse.  Everyone gathering around her, to see whats happening doesn’t help either.  This is best handled by couple of people, of which one dominates.

The couple of days have been somewhat okay. She has been missing and reminiscing about better days. She missed her dad, recalled Asfu and our life in Sultangunj. Not all is lot, I guess.. not yet.

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