Remember how I said in the last post, mom’s last psychotic attack was not triggered by agitation and anger, well this one was. It involved anger, yelling, calling names and more. She has gotten very sensitive to pain. An example would be that a small pinch, or gastric pain for her would be too much. She would ask us to remove the pain. And since we can’t “physically” remove the pain, that makes her angry and starts to feel that we are not doing anything for her.

The process that we have developed in handling these situations depends on whether I am home or not. If this happens when I am not there, then dad and Mariam would basically try to calm her down by talking to her smoothly and not getting angered themselves. This is not easy especially for my father. He is the primary care giver whose job all day and night is to take care of mom and he does a darn good job of it.  Now if I am home, what I do is play good cop bad cop. I talk to her sternly but calmly to do it and her anger changes direction and moves towards me, while then she sees dad as the good guy at that point. Which means she would take the medicine from him and eat the food he brings. Sometimes it works wonders other times, we just wait for the medication to take effect and it all to pass.

Mornings are always the worst. She wakes up and complains about massive headache. This is multiplied by the fact that she took sleep medication the night before and might still be under its effect. Another theory, which is the underlying cause of her disease, is that she has “silent strokes” .  You can read about it more here. Microscopic strokes are usually silent strokes.

If any of the readers have dealt with Vascular Dementia patients and have some  ideas on how to handle the episodes, please do leave comments. I am sure we can learn something from your experience.  Also, please do forward this blog to your friends., any ideas are welcome. We are for sure running out of them.


  1. #1 by danish on July 21, 2011 - 12:05 pm

    how about some honey in the morning,actually not sure but,i think it could help,what u think?
    its really a critical situation,where family members are there to support,
    i pray that we get some way to cure this …allahafiz

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