Call her, Call her

Dementia patients go through psychotic attacks, and yesterday my mom had one. It’s not always agitated or anger based but usually is. Hers was triggered by her missing her daughter. She cried like a baby for almost 4 hours until she fell asleep. Mariam fed her during this time too! I have idea how she pulled that off. During this “phase” its extremely hard to communicate to her. All you can do is, try to be near her and wait for her to get tired or the medicine to start working which by the way does not always do what its supposed to do.

Mom does not understand that talking on phone is not the same thing as the person visiting.  She kept on asking for my sister who was already in her home some 2000 miles away. She missed her dearly. For the few days, when she was here, mom hardly had any episodes. It was a calm time. One day after she leaves, she got another attack. I am usually able to calm her down when I call from work. Yesterday, she wouldn’t talk to me on phone.

By the time I came home, the storm had passed. Dad was all praises from Mariam, for the help and support she provides. He was emotional. We prayed Marghrib (Sunset prayer) and mom prayed with us. After words she just sat on the chair talking to me and praying for everyone like old times, sent blessings to her children especially to her daughter.

  1. #1 by danish on July 19, 2011 - 10:18 am

    god bless mammi jaan and my bhabhi maryam,give my regards to her…

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