Chatter less

Much of the chatter is gone with the kids. My sister returned home today and mom has been missing her a lot. It was a different day today, she laughed, was in great mood all day and seemed to be at ease most of the time. Its a first in a long time and very welcome one. Dad felt at ease and I think a bit too optimistic. I had to back track his optimism, it hurts more when you expect more. We were almost gonna take her to the park today but it was too hot. Maybe tomorrow, she can go with on one of his walks in the neighborhood.

We don’t really know what made the difference today, but a friend sent out this article about dementia patients on BBC. It says that agitation, which a common symptom of dementia might be calmed by pain medication. Mom takes some. You can read the article here .

I really appreciate the support that I get from a lot of you. I want to make sure that we all understand the purpose of this blog. The purpose is that I document what my mother is going through for others to compare and to look for clues if they have some one who might be suffering from this disease. There is no cure for it yet, the only way we can know more about it is by case studies and sharing them. The other reason is for my friends and relatives to be in tune with whats going on, they are spread all over the world but that does not mean they are not close …. It is their right.

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