I am sick

Mariam came to bed around 1 am last night after doing some preparations for the next day. My sister was coming to town for few days with her family. Mom was up when I was about to leave for work and had a small breakfast of her favorite Hawaiian bread with cheese and some soy milk. She took her medicine and lied down for some rest.

I called during lunch from work to see how things were going. It was a good day. Things were fine and mom was enjoying seeing her daughter and grand kids especially the youngest one, who is might I say still very edible at 3 years old. Mom complained to my sister about her pains and how she has become so ill. She complained why is it her, everyone else seems fine. Rest of the day went uneventful. She had dinner with me and went to sleep on time.

Sometimes it seems that she understands it all, she understands that her brain is not working as it used to, she understands that she has become dependent and that is what hurts her the most. It feels different at home with visitors and kids. Its nice.

PS: If you are reading this blog and you find typos, please accept my apologies as I don’t have time to proof read. These are raw posts and I intend to keep them raw.

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