Sunday, July 10

It was quite a day yesterday. Mariam left early to go teach at the her mosque when dad came out of his room looking tired at about 9:30 Am. Mom had kept him up all night as she woke him up five times since 2 Am. She either wanted to go use the bathroom or drink Alkacitron (Yes I know I spelled it differently in the last post, I don’t really know how to spell it).  Dad was pretty agitated and his back was hurting. I massaged his back with some pain relieving ointment while mom watched. She wanted some on her back too. It was typical behavior, when she sees some body in pain, she starts complaining of pain at the same spot.  After some morning tea and small breakfast, Mom was given her medicine and she fell into deep sleep with in minutes. Dad knocked  without the need of any medicine for four hours after that. Must have been a tough night.

I made a typical bihari lunch of white steamed rice, lentil soup and mutton cooked with spinach with a side of small onion, tomatoes and cucumber salad. It hit the spot, even mom said she ate too much which is great news! Her taste buds have become very picky and she would only have a proper meal if she thinks the food is good and looks nice. It has become increasingly difficult in the past few months to understand what she feels like eating.b By the time she finished lunch signs of fading medicines were obvious, she cried, threw a fit, got really mad and wanted to see dad constantly. She would keep on telling him to come back when he would be 10 feet away from her in the kitchen.

He gave her a bath today, changed her clothes but that meant her brain would get stuck even more on pajama string. She usually ties and unties that about fifty some times on a normal day. Today, she was constantly talking about it and holding it. She only calmed down couple of hours after taking an extra dose of her medicine and changing the string 4 times and tying untying it constantly for those couple of hours. It was 7 Pm by the time she was back to “normal”.

I had a busy work week and had to work at home on Sunday. I could feel suffocation like being stuck in a room full of chain smokers. I was arguing with Mariam without a reason. I knew a break was needed and a bbq at a friend’s house with my close friends was just what worked.

The question is, When would dad get a break?

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