The First

Hi, This is the first post in the string of hopefully lot more to come. I suggest you read the about section if this confuses you.

The day started good today by all means. Mom agreed without much hassle to come with her to have her blood work done at the local medical diagnostic lab. The blood work was a breeze and lunch was simple after that. Before lunch she went to use the restroom with my dad to help. She came out crying. When dad asked her what happened she said ” look at Anisu (calls me anisu) he is doing so much for me”. I didn’t respond. Moments like this are rare in seventh stage of dementia.

By 4 PM it was evident that the effect of medicine she took early morning was fading away and she was getting more agitated and her brain was getting stuck. She wanted to go meet her “baji” which means older sister. She kept telling us that if baji comes the pain she has in her lower abdomen will go away and that she lives right here nearby. The only issue is that her sister is in India and we are in Los Angeles. It’s not really down the street. Then came “Alkacitran”. Alkacitran is an alkaline solution used to treat Urinary tract infections. Dad put in some Gatorade in the Alkacitran bottle and gave it to her. Guess what ! It worked.

Dinner was great today.  After dinner made by yours truly. Mariam ( my wife) looks at the Hawaiian bread I had in my hand and says “Don’t eat that, it’s just white bread carb!”. She then takes the bread and squeezes it to show me how much air it has. I see that she took a bite from the bread, I ask ” What are you doing?” She replies” Well I took all the air out it has fewer calories now”. Small moments like these make it just a bit easier.

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